Gel Polish Manicure with Removal

Approx. 60 minutes $40


Don’t soak! Instead, get pampered with steamy warm towels, a gentle scrub and massage, followed by gel polish application. We remove your gel to start; please note, we do charge for removing gel not applied at Color Box.


Gel Polish Removal

Approx. 15 minutes $10


Anti-Age Stem Cell Paraffin Treatment

Approx. 15 minutes $15 [hands; $20 feet]


Slip into fresh gloves for a comforting Swiss apple stem cell paraffin treatment that’s completely hygienic. It boosts circulation while soothing and relaxing muscles and joints and easing minor aches and pains. Your hands or feet will be silky soft and supple for days, thanks to the paraffin’s unique ability to draw your body’s own moisture to skin’s surface. What’s more, this cleansing treatment removes toxins, protects against free radicals, and contains more than three times the amount of paraffin from a standard dip service.


Your skin, your safety: We gently heat paraffin with natural minerals that deliver a perfect temperature, and add aromatherapy for a complete sensory experience.


Cat-Eye Gel Manicure

Approx. 60 minutes $50

A magnet hovers over iron particle-infused gel polish to create a unique cat-eye effect.


Children’s Manicure

Must be age 8 and up

Approx. 30 minutes $15

Our signature manicure that omits cuticle cutting for safety. Children must be 8 years or older.


Chrome Add-on [Hands]

Approx. 20 minutes $20


Chrome Manicure

Approx. 75 minutes $60

Chrome powder applied over gel polish, then buffed to a reflective shine. Decisions, decisions! Choose from mirror, gold, rose, metallic, or glitter chromes!


Dazzle Dry French Manicure

Approx. 45 minutes $37

Signature manicure, with French tips, topped off with Dazzle Dry Polish. This lacquer system, the original gel alternative, delivers what no ordinary polish can: gel-like longevity in wear with no UV curing. Dries in five minutes to a rock-hard finish, and it’s vegan, non-yellowing, hypoallergenic, and nutrient-infused to strengthen and protect nails.


Dazzle Dry Luxury Manicure

Approx. 30 minutes $30

Get the royal treatment, complete with steamy warm towels, an exfoliating scrub and hand massage, then top it off with Dazzle Dry, the original gel alternative. With a huge selection of colors, this lacquer system delivers gel-like longevity in wear with no UV curing. Air-dries in five minutes to a rock-hard finish. Vegan, non-yellowing, hypoallergenic, and nutrient-infused to strengthen and protect nails.


Dip Manicure

Approx. 75 minutes $50.

Long-lasting, no UV curing, rock-hard finish. Super-pigmented powder is dusted onto prepped nails, and sealed with a long-lasting top coat. A virtual rainbow of colors available.


Dip Removal

Approx. 30 minutes $15


French Manicure

Approx. 45 minutes $37

Color Box signature manicure with French white tips and a natural pink nail bed.


Gel Polish French Manicure

Approx. 45 minutes $50 (i) See info


Our signature manicure with French gel polish – white tips and a natural pink or clear nail bed.


Gel Polish Manicure – 1 to 2 colors

Approx. 45 minutes $40


Our signature manicure, complete with steamy warm towels, sugar scrub exfoliation and gel polish French manicure finish. Please schedule this service with removal if you already have gel polish on.


Gel Polish Manicure with Full Design

Approx. 75 minutes $60


Nail design on every finger; includes ombré, stamping, decals, or original hand-painted designs.


For clients whose gel was applied elsewhere, this service involves removing gel polish prior to any manicure. If your gel polish was applied at Color Box this service is complimentary.


IBX Nail Treatment

Approx. 15 minutes $10 .

This treatment uses conditioning molecules that bond, and penetrate the nail plate under gentle heat, to improve natural nail integrity. It strengthens, targets and resolves natural nail imperfections, weakness and damage. This is a great addition under any of our services, especially before gel polish is applied, or just on natural nails.  


Keratin Manicure

Approx. 30 minutes $40


Indulge yourself by slipping in to keratin gloves after a signature manicure. You’ll benefit with stronger nails, and even soften skin and cuticles.


Luminary Manicure

Approx. 75 minutes $50


This multi-flex gel provides a super-tough base for gel color. If you’re hard on your nails or gel polish doesn’t last on you, this is for you: it’s long-lasting and won’t chip or peel.


Nail Art Hands

Approx. 15 minutes from $5.


Price per nail; be sure to book much time as needed to complete your look.


Natural Nail Repair

Approx. 10 minutes $5 per nail


Renewal Manicure

Approx. 45 minutes $40


This treatment starts with an herbal hand rejuvenating peel that instantly removes dry, damaged, dead skin to reveal younger, healthier skin. We include our signature waterless manicure with steamed towels, and end with an intense moisture treatment to soothe, repair and help heal your hands.


Russian Manicure

Approx. 75 minutes $85


This technique, renowned for creating perfect cuticles by using an electronic file with very fine to remove the excess skin surrounding your nail bed, is far safer, and more comfortable than using cuticle nippers.


Signature Manicure

Approx. 30 minutes $30


Pamper your paws with a luxurious sugar scrub exfoliation rinsed with steamy, warm towels.


Structure Gel

Approx. 5 minutes $7


Slip this treatment in between your basecoat and color to give your natural nails a little boost in structure. Soaks off with your gel polish removal.


Swarovski Crystal Charms (Large) Hands

Approx. 15 minutes $10-$25 (i) See info


Embellish your manicure with genuine Swarovski crystal elements like cluster rhinestones, skulls, donuts, lips, 3-D roses, etc.


Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones (Small) Hands

Approx. 5 minutes $1