Gel-X Full Set
Approx. 60 minutes from $80

The world’s first and only soft gel nail extension system. Soaks off just like a gel polish. Perfect for a special occasion, growing natural nails out, or showing off trendy nail shapes and lengths. No fill available for this enhancement set.

Gel-X Full Set with Full Design Art
Approx. 120 minutes $90

Full set with art on each nail; art design or ombré.

Gel-X Full Set with removal
Approx. 90 minutes $95

Gel-X Removal
Approx. 15 minutes $15

Acrylic Fill
Approx. 75 minutes $50

Acrylic Fill with Chrome
Approx. 75 minutes $70

Acrylic Full Set
Approx. 90 minutes $70

Acrylic Full Set with Chrome
Approx. 90 minutes $90

Acrylic Nail Repair
Approx. 15 minutes $7

Repair to existing acrylic nail.

Acrylic Fill, New Client
Approx. 75 minutes from $50

Acrylic fill for clients new to the salon.

Acrylic Overlay
Approx. 60 minutes $65

Acrylic Pink-n-White Fill
Approx. 75 minutes $55

Acrylic Pink-n-White Full Set
Approx. 90 minutes $80

Acrylic Removal
Approx. 30 minutes $20

Get Polish Add on Acrylic
Approx. 15 minutes $10